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When Snakes Come Slithering

Snakes come pretty high up on the list of things people are afraid of, so when you spot one in your backyard, you might be freaking out a bit. While poisonous snakes aren’t as common as some people believe, even harmless snakes could be enough to make the skin...

Is This Thing Leaking?

Whenever an appliance is connected to a water supply, there are certain risks involved. The amount of water that can leak from a slow leak over time or from a disastrous break in a short period of time can do a lot of damage. This is why it is important to have these...

Getting Rid Of Smoke

If you are a smoker, you might enjoy the smell of cigarettes, but even some smokers would rather not smell it inside of their homes. Tobacco odor is very difficult to remove, and buying a home where smokers have lived can pose a big problem. Unfortunately, there...

When It Drains Wrong

Do your gutters drain properly? You might not even be aware that there is a problem, but many homes have gutters that actually do more harm than good without the homeowner even being aware, and this is especially common on homes that have sections of roof that are at...

Taking Care of Your Water Heater

A water heater is an essential part of every home. It provides you with all the water you need for showers and dishes, but it definitely does so at a cost. A water heater runs all day every day, and without maintenance, it will fail sooner rather than later. Of...

A Green Booby-Trap

There is a type of plants that make work in your backyard risky. The scientific name for this genus of plants is Toxicodendron, but most of us know them better as poison ivy, oak, and sumac. The dangerous substance is oil-like and it will get stuck on your clothing...
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