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Wildlife around your home can be quite intriguing, but when it starts getting too close to your home, it might be uncomfortable, especially if you’re dealing with carnivores. The problem is that these animals have found something they need near your property and now they are going to come back for more.
Animals’ lives center around three things they need, food, shelter, and water. If you give them access to one or more of these and they aren’t scared off, it might be difficult to keep them away.
Knowing that most animals have better smell, sight, and hearing than us humans should help you see why it is so important to keep your garbage sealed up and out of reach for animals.
If you are fighting to keep smaller animals at bay, you do have the problem of sealing up your home well. Some rodents can squeeze through holes so small that you barely can see them. Sometimes getting an animal of your own, like a cat, might be the best way to keep unwanted critters away.

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