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Time is money. You’ve probably heard that expression more than once, and it definitely is true. Wasting time can cost you a lot, which is why we all want things to be done as quickly as possible.

When you are involved in buying or selling a home, you probably want the inspection to happen as quickly as possible, and while you wouldn’t want an inspection that is rushed and causing serious issues to be missed, there are things that can be done to speed up an inspection. It comes down to how well prepared you are for the visit of the inspector.

A major issue that slows down inspections is when areas of the home are difficult to access. This goes for clutter that is blocking important areas, bushes that are growing too close to the house, or crawl-spaces that don’t have access points. Taking care of this before the inspector comes will help greatly.

Another issue is when repairs haven’t been done beforehand. Even something as simple as a broken lightbulb will raise the question of whether there is an electrical problem or something less serious.

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