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It appears that a vaccine for COVID-19 still is far away. Scientists are working around the clock to create one, but until that happens, social distancing is still going to be a part of our life. We have been encouraged to stay at least 6 feet away from others while in public and avoiding gathering in crowds in enclosed spaces. This is because the virus can travel quite far, especially when propelled by a sneeze or cough. Wearing a face mask will limit the spread somewhat, but it is still essential to keep a distance.

It is a strain to not be able to be with those that we love, but of course, the reason is to protect them, especially if they are old or vulnerable.

While social distancing is a very important part of the protective measures we need to take, we can’t forget frequent handwashing and cleaning of frequently touched areas of our home. Things are looking to take a turn for the better, but we are not out of trouble yet.

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