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When you see water-drops forming on the mirror in your bathroom after a shower, do you ever think about how amazing water really is? It is essential for our lives, but it can also do a lot of damage to your home. Even such a simple thing as condensation could lead to issues.

Condensation is caused when air laden with water hits a cool surface. You can find cool surfaces throughout your home. You have your windows, mirrors and cold water pipes. If you have a lot of condensation forming in the wrong place, it could lead to water related damage such as mold.

If you experience issues with condensation forming in certain areas of your home, it is worth it to get a dehumidifier. Just make sure that you keep the tank emptied to ensure that it will function properly. If you would rather avoid that extra work, there are models that can be set up with a hose to deposit the water outside your home.

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